Super D-U-M-B

Okay, so we have Super C-A-S-H again, which you should know means people are dumb.

The one we're giving out right now is redeemable January 27-February 8. We started giving it out December 26.

Okay, so on the 27th, which was Tuesday, I had a girl that was very confused about this.

She says, "Oh so we can use it today?"

"No, it's valid JANUARY 27 through February 8."

And then she just looks at me.

And I look at her.

Eventually she says, "I don't understand."

"The coupon is good starting January 27, and today is December 27."

She finally says, "...Ohhhhh," in a way that made me think she still didn't understand. Then, her friends, who had been there the ENTIRE TIME without helping me out at all, chime in, "Oh my gosh, you are so dumb," and, "Did you really not know it was December?"

Like, where were you guys when I couldn't get her to understand what was happening?

And honestly, how can you not know it's not January yet?!

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