So about this girl in my literature class...

The semester just ended, so yesterday was the last time I'll ever see this girl. She was seriously the worst classmate ever. Here are the facts:

  • She never wore a bra. It was extremely noticeable and inappropriate and she sat in the front row, which had to be distracting for the prof.
  • She wore pajama pants approximately half of the time.
  • She would take her shoes AND SOCKS off during every class. Like, shoes aren't even that appropriate, but socks? That's completely disgusting and unacceptable!

  • She was also just a total space cadet. She would constantly ask questions that had already been answered, she would stand up in the middle of lecture to throw away a tiny piece of paper, etc.
  • When she wasn't wearing pajamas, she would wear the weirdest clothes. This shirt, for instance, was what she wore on Tuesday. Like, are you going to the club?
  • Then, to top it all off, she borrowed my pencil yesterday for SIRS forms and TOTALLY STOLE IT.

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  1. I swear you must be a ninja with that phone for all these people to never notice...haha.