Oh sorry, are you on break?

Sometimes people who work at retail stores have these things called "breaks." On their breaks, they sometimes leave the back room to walk around the store or even leave the store.

When they are walking through the store, they are not available to help customers because they are ON BREAK.

Sometimes I understand when people don't get this. For instance, if an employee still has his or her name tag on, I can understand someone asking him or her a question.

But here's my thing. Even if they still have their name tag on, they almost always have something in their hand. Whether it's their phone, keys, wallet, etc., they will generally have something on them to signify that they are not on duty at the moment.

It's easier for me to avoid this because I work at Old Navy and don't have a uniform, but I was in Kroger the other day and saw a customer stop an employee to ask her a question. The employee was wearing her Kroger shirt, but she was talking on her cell phone and had her keys in her hand. Like, come on, lady. She's clearly not on the clock. Find someone who is to help you.


  1. I worked at Old Navy when they had uniforms (GULP! I'm Old), and that happened to me all the time...The best is when you would come back from the food court with your lunch or dinner, and it would end up getting cold cus some idiot would ask you where the polar fleece was or even better the 4th of July Tees...IT'S ON THE FRONT TABLE STUPID!

  2. I have a similarly related gripe. To note: we wear uniforms at the arcade. I hate when I am clearly doing something or helping someone else or walking with a purpose to do something and people feel the need to aks me for help right then and there. Sure, I have four 2 liters of soda in my arms and am walking to deliver them to a party but you obviously couldn't wait until I was done to ask me for help, and you know, there's no one else who could help you who isn't holding a ton of soda. I have a stack of tickets in my hand and a giant set of keys and am heading to fix a game but sure I'll just drop what I was doing to help you first. The same goes for when I am at the counter helping someone, you do not need to interrupt us to ask me something. You can wait the 30-60 seconds until their transaction is done. Also, there is more than one person who can help you, do not ask the clearly busy one just because they are closest to you.