No, I know what the sign says.

This has definitely been a regular occurrence on this blog, but I can't help it. It's so important.


The signs are almost always in places that make sense, so if you would:
  1. Stop imagining they're in places they aren't, and
  2. Start actually reading WHAT THEY SAY, 
everything would be a lot more successful.

The main problem with people today was the fact that they were so confident in the things they misread.

First of all, people are always confused by our "2-for" signs, but I don't understand why. They always, always say, "2 or more $X each."

So like...really clear, right?

Apparently not. This woman today says, "Um, those were supposed to be two for $5."

I answer, "Oh, no, they're $5 each when you buy two or more."

"Then the sign should say that."

"...It does."

End scene.

Then another woman argued with me about these toddler leggings. The sign is beside the tights. They are packaged completely differently and they're very clearly different items.

I say, "Oh, it's the tights that are on sale, not the leggings."

"The sign says leggings."

"I'm pretty sure it says tights. I checked it like an hour ago for someone else."

"Well. Fine."

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