Liz Hinds guest blogs: Wal-Mart Wolverines

So, Michigan State played in the Big Ten Championship last Saturday and lost to Wisconsin 42-39, and it was a ridiculously close game. The lucky Badgers get to go to the Rose Bowl now, and the Spartans will play Georgia in the Outback Bowl, even though MSU beat Wisconsin in the regular season.
University of Michigan fans are just thrilled, because they got the second Big Ten BCS bid over MSU, which means they are going to the Sugar Bowl even though they were sitting on their butts Saturday night watching the Big Ten Championship on TV.
Now, this is BULL because MSU beat Michigan in the regular season, has a better record, and basically the only reason the Wolverines got that spot is because their fans will supposedly buy more hotel rooms, etc. than MSU fans.
Anyway, the point of this entire column is to share this gem from my news feed:
There are so many things wrong with this:
1.     Your first sentence just does not make grammatical sense. I think I understand your meaning, but it is completely incorrect.
2.     “Are bowl game is better” ARE?!?! These are basic word definitions here! “Are” is not the same thing as “our.” Come on.
3.     Just the fact that he posted this. What a dick.
4.     My favorite one – THIS KID GOES TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE. There’s nothing wrong with rooting for sports teams, but you are too invested for someone who goes to LCC (and probably didn’t get in to MSU or U of M). Gotta love those Wal-Mart Wolverines!
(Also his profile picture is with a dead deer…)

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