Kait Gustafson guest blogs: Deskie problems

I work as a deskie in the dorms. As far as jobs go, it's pretty rad. I would say during any given shift, I spend approximately 15% of my time actually doing work for the desk. The rest of the time I wait for someone to need change or to check out a vacuum and I can sit on Facebook, do homework and watch Netflix to my heart's content.

Even though the job is all about customer service, each person is essentially alone during their shift and does not have any coworkers or supervisors there while they go about their work. Because of this, everyone tends to develop their own habits, some of which are quite terrible.

For example, if you have ever lived in the dorms at Michigan State, you know the university likes to send out lots of "important" fliers through the mail system. These bulk mailings can quickly get a message out to all students and make sure they are aware of events and other things going on around campus. These typically don't actually come through the mail, but are put in the dorm's mailbox by the university itself along with posters to hang up near the desk. Each morning, that mail is picked up and those bulk mails often don't have any explicit directions on them.

However, if you receive 300 identical fliers, I feel like it should be pretty obvious that you are supposed to give these the bulk mail treatment. Instead, I often come into work and find the stack of all 300 sitting out on the edge of the desk as if they are being presented for residents to take as they please based on interest. CLEARLY, if that was the university's intent, they would not have provided 300 of them. No one casually wants to pick up and take a piece of glossy cardstock telling them to unplug their mini-fridge over break (don't even get me started on the fact that a good portion of them often have to do with being 'green' while simultaneously spamming thousands of mailboxes).

I don't know if these other deskies genuinely think the fliers belong where they put them (it's really not something we cover in training because it certainly seems like common sense) or if they are just being lazy and not wanting to do perhaps the one physical task required of them during their job, which would probably take ten minutes, tops.

Either way, I always end up having to box them myself.

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