I'm sorry, I just have no respect for my fellow Union-goers

Erica and I were at the Union one day last week and there was this horrible couple.

So first of all, they came in, looked around, and couldn't seem to find an empty table. There was a table across from me, but some guy had left a bunch of garbage on it. The girl (who was wearing leggings as pants, by the way) asked us, "Do you know if anyone's sitting at that table?"

I answered, "I think he left and just left a lot of garbage behind."

In response, she looked at me like I was crazy and they kept looking for a table. After not finding anything, they sat at that table anyway and just put all the trash on the ground, which was super unnecessary; they could have just found a trash can.

So they sat down and proceeded to seriously just chat and hold hands for about twenty minutes. At a table. In the basement of the Union, which is a moderately quiet study area. And they weren't being loud or anything, but they also WEREN'T STUDYING.

And it was the kind of hand-holding that is extremely active, which was awkward for me. There was forearm-rubbing, double-hand-holding, etc. They were very into it.

So then, she finally got her computer out and he reluctantly did the same. They had their computers open for about five minutes and then he stood up, walked around the table and started giving her a back massage. This was extremely awkward because she was facing me, so this meant they were both facing me as he massaged her back.

So. Weird.

Then SHE stands up, so they're both just standing up, being awkward for a minute, and then they walk over to our table. The girl asks, "Can you watch our stuff?"

"Of course!"

Okay, guys. The number one best thing about studying with another person is the ability to leave one at a time so you don't have to have a stranger watch your stuff! Duh! Why would both of you leave at the same time?

Anyway, they came back with pizza nine minutes later and continued to annoy me for the rest of the night.

She even sat on his lap two different times. Oh yeah, that's right, lap-sitting strikes again.
He gave her two more back massages for a total of three.

They play-fought over her pizza and seriously snuggled afterward.

And the worst part was that they kept looking over at our table. Like, yes! You are being annoying! Stop!

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