I can use my daughter's gift card if I want to!

So this woman came in with her two daughters. Their total was $55 and some change. Most of the purchase was clothes for the daughters, but the mother got three $5 shirts for herself as well.

She then asks her daughters for their gift cards. Each of them hands her a gift card with "$25" written on it in permanent marker.

She pays for the $55 transaction with the two $25 gift cards which belonged to her daughters and five dollars of her own. And FIFTEEN DOLLARS of the purchase was for her!

Okay. This is not acceptable. You can't take your daughters' gifts and use them for your own clothes. How do you think whoever bought your kids those gift cards would feel if they knew you were buying clothes for yourself with them?

But hold on. Maybe the mom is going to give the girls five dollars each to make up for it?

Of course not.

One of the daughters asks, "Did we use our whole gift cards?

The mom answers, "Yeah, didn't you see how many clothes you had?"

You liar.

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