Here, put this up for me.

I went to Victoria's Secret today to exchange a gift from my mom.

I was behind a woman who was talking on her cell phone, which is fine until you actually get up to the register, but she was a little louder than she needed to be. She was looking at all the little baskets of lip gloss and whatnot.

Another lane opened up, and though the woman clearly wasn't done shopping, she went over anyway. She goes up to the counter and sprawls out all her lip glosses. She's still deciding what she wants because whoever she's talking to is telling her which flavors/colors to get.

The cashier is obviously getting annoyed, but she's waiting patiently and being very polite.

After what seems like forever, the woman finally decides what she wants. (She still doesn't hang up, of course.)

She had decided against one of the lip glosses, so she turns around, hands it to me, and asks, "Can you put this back for me?"

I was absolutely baffled. I wish I hadn't taken it; it was just an automatic reaction.

Like, I don't work here. I don't know you. I shouldn't be putting up your stuff. And I don't think she thought I worked there. I think she thought it was okay to make a stranger put her stuff away.

I looked at the cashier and she laughed out loud.

Like, honestly.

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