Here, have this coupon

There's a cardholder coupon right now that gives customers an additional 10% off. It started at the beginning of December and goes through Christmas Eve, but you can use it as many times as you want.

These two women the other day, who were rude already, handed their coupon to the girl behind them. And yes, I know this seems like a nice thing to do. But how do you know she has a card? She got all excited and handed me the coupon, but she didn't have a card, so she couldn't use it!

You shouldn't give people coupons because you don't know if they can use them or not. The same goes for coupons with minimum purchases. You don't know how much their total is going to be.

Anyway, after I explained this to the customer, she was fine. I said something like, "Sorry, they should have checked before they gave it to you." She agreed.

As we're having this conversation, the alarm at the front door starts going off. I look over and it's the women who had given my customer their coupon. They were trying to take our cart out, which is not allowed. I was about to tell them why the alarm went off, but they looked at each other, rolled their eyes, one of them scoffed and the other said, "Of course."

Okay, ladies. Seriously. I'm having to deal with your annoying decision to pass off your coupon anyway, and then you roll your eyes like it's my fault that you set the alarm off.

They started to walk over to me so I could find whatever tag they assumed I left on their clothes, and I said, "Oh, it's just the cart; you can't take it out."

They rolled their eyes again. Like, really. Everything is your fault right now. Please leave.

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