Geez, her pajama pants are see-through!

The past two days at Old Navy were pajama days because of the $7 Jingle Jammies sale.

On Saturday, I was folding by the front door and a man and his wife walked in. They were middle-aged and very redneck.

As soon as they walked in, the woman said, "Well look at her, she's got her pajamas on!"

I was about to turn around and say something like, "Yeah, it's pajama day!" but her husband interjected, "Well that's the style these days!"

Okay, no.

First of all, pajama pants are not stylish. Secondly, even if I was an awful enough person that I thought pajama pants were stylish, I would never wear them to work!

So at that point, I was fine not explaining myself to them.

THEN, without even a pause, the guy says, "Jeez, they're see-through! I can see somethin' back there!"

Okay, seriously, no.

First of all, they were NOT see-through. At all. I knew that because I had checked before I left the house and I wouldn't have worn them if they were.

Secondly, like, shut up! You don't say things like this out loud, especially not to your wife.

THEN, he says, "Of course, that's probably intentional, they're probably sewn in, that's the style too."

Like, when did you become the expert on style? Again, it's A) not stylish, and B) inappropriate for work even if I thought it was stylish.

And like, stop talking out loud about the state of my pajama pants and whether or not they're see-through!

Especially because THEY'RE NOT!

Also, I don't know if he didn't realize or something, but I could hear him...so that obviously didn't make me feel good.

And then he asked me a question. Like...I really don't want to speak to you.

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