Do you need a bag for your gift card?

Whenever people buy gift cards, I put the gift card in the little gift card envelope and ask, "Do you need a bag for this or do you just want to hold onto it?"

If you answer, "Oh, I'd like a bag," I hate you.

You don't need a bag for your stupid gift card. It's a gift card. Put it in your wallet, or your purse, or your pocket. Putting a tiny gift card in a large bag (because we don't have any gift card-sized bags, sorry) is NEVER a good idea. It's really easy for you to misplace the bag since there's not much in it or for the gift card to fall out if you put the bag down at any point.

The only reason I would ever be okay with you wanting a bag for a gift card is if you didn't have any sort of purse/wallet on you and you also didn't have any pockets. Of course in that case, where would you keep your card/cash/whatever?

Anyway, most people, when I ask this, recognize how silly of a question it is and say, "Oh, I'll just take it, no need to waste a bag for a tiny gift card!" or "Oh, no, of course I don't need a bag," like it's the most obvious thing.

So tell me why the people who DO want bags are always super rude about it and give me weird looks! Like, sorry, I'm asking a really rational question. You're the weird one.

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