A Christmas story for you

Uh...Merry Christmas. Here's a Christmas story.

I wasn't here for this, but my coworker had a customer who returned about $300 worth of clothes from online.

And here's why:

Apparently, the woman's children had been trying to get into the Christmas gifts under the tree for awhile. She had told them that if they opened any of their presents before Christmas, she would return them all and they wouldn't be having presents this Christmas.

After warning them and warning them, she finally caught them opening presents.

They had only gotten about half of them unwrapped, but she sat there and unwrapped the rest in front of them, so they got to see what they were missing out on.

Then, she returned all the clothes to Old Navy and all the toys that hadn't been unwrapped/opened to Wal-Mart.

And here's the best part: She hadn't done it yet, but her next stop was to take the kids to Goodwill to donate the toys they had already started playing with.

This woman is so fantastic.

First of all, I feel like people threaten things like this all the time, but never actually go through with it, and it's so important to actually go through with it! These kids have learned their lesson, period. This will never, ever happen again in their household because she actually followed through with what she said.

Secondly, what is WITH kids who can't wait until Christmas to open presents? Like, this is one of the most ungrateful, pathetic things I can think of. This was never an issue in my house and I hate children who make it an issue.

So, in conclusion: This woman is my hero and her children are brats.

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