Can we open another line here?

So, today is the day after Christmas, which means the sales are great and the people are rude.

I had been on register some, but I needed to get some of the massive amount of returns processed so they could get back out on the floor. I told the manager in charge that I thought I should take some of the clothes from the registers back to the fitting room to process them. She laughed, "You might want to clean out the fitting room itself first."

Oh, no.

So I go back there and it's pretty bad. There are a lot of clothes strewn on the cart, but I've seen worse. The first thing you need to do when you get into the fitting room is check all the specific rooms and get the clothes out of them. So I go into the first room.

And I freak out.

There are so, so, so many clothes. I've literally never seen this many clothes inside of a fitting room. I got so angry, and I turned around and headed straight to the front of the store. I needed an extra cart before I could even think about picking up the clothes.

So I go to the front and start clearing off a cart.

There were three registers open and a line of maybe ten people. This is not that bad. Although the goal is to get people through as quickly as possible, another goal is to not have people wading through clothes in the fitting room. Sometimes you have to prioritize.

While I'm cleaning off the cart, a guy in line yells, "Hey!" I turn around and he continues yelling, "Can we maybe think about opening another line over here?"

Excuse me.

First of all, you're like, third in line. It's not going to hurt you to wait five minutes.

Also, I hate it when people use "we" inappropriately like this. Like, no, "we" cannot think about opening another line. I can think about it and I can decide against it.

ALSO, I'm trying to clean up the mess you people are leaving in the fitting room! If you would clean up after yourselves like rational people, I could be on register checking you out faster!

And THEN, the fitting room was so horribly messy that I stayed over a bit to help clean it up, and Matt had to stay outside, where he was waiting to propose, for an extra twenty-five minutes!

Oh, did I mention I'm engaged?

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  1. Congrats on the engagement! I've been reading your blog for a while now & it's great.