But I came all the way from Jackson!

I hate it so much when people use the distance they traveled as an excuse.

"I forgot my coupon, but I came all the way from Jackson..."

"Oh man, I wish I had known you didn't have a maternity section, I came all the way from DeWitt."

Okay first of all, I can't help you with the coupon thing. Like, if it's something specific and they remember what it is and it's a code that we know, we'll usually give it to them. But if it's a coupon with a specific code (like bucks back coupons), there's nothing I can do about it.

But with the maternity section thing, which happened yesterday, you are stupid for not calling! You seriously made a special trip out here just for that and didn't bother to call and ask if we had a maternity section? That is completely your fault.

And another thing: Jackson and DeWitt are not far from Okemos. DeWitt is about five minutes farther than the apartment I lived in last year and I know people who commute from Jackson every day.

Get over yourselves.

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