Yuko Szalay guest blogs: You have a PhD

The program that I am in requires me to send a spreadsheet to my department adviser listing all the courses I have taken and whether or not they fulfill any general education requirements. This is so the advisers will know whether we are on track to graduate on time and whether they need to change our schedule for the upcoming semester. I recently emailed mine to my adviser and accidentally put my communications class in the wrong column (it is an excel sheet). I received this response:


Not only are you my adviser, you are also a professor. You have a PhD! Why in the world would you even think for a moment that it is okay to type like this?

And to make matters worse (or maybe better, it's hard to tell in this case) he only misspells the word "you" and forms of it. He can spell out "substitute" correctly and fully instead of using "sub", but he can't type "you"? WHY? I'm surprised he didn't respond by calling me U-ko or something. 

It really, really bothers me when people who are supposed to act in a professional manner do things like this. Why am I paying thousands of dollars to go to a university where the teachers communicate like 12 year olds? Get it together!

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