Your military discount is rude.

Old Navy's military discount is every Monday. (It used to be the first four days of every month.)

Sorry if that's inconvenient for you.

This guy yesterday asked me (after his wife insisted) if we have a military discount. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: We do, but it's only on Mondays.

Him: Veteran's Day wasn't on a Monday.

Me: Oh, we actually did have a special one for Veteran's Day, but that was yesterday.

Him: Oh. Why is it only on Mondays?

Me: It's just what we do, it's Military Mondays.

Him: That's rude.

EXCUSE ME. First of all, what's with the whole pointing out that Veteran's day wasn't on a Monday? That is not helpful at all. You're just stating a fact, and it's a fact that I knew already, so like, thanks.

Secondly, it's rude that we give you a military discount but it just happens to not be on the day that you were there? No. What's rude is your ridiculous sense of entitlement! Just be grateful that we have one at all, because we don't have to!

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