Ugh, I have to get my ID out?

I had a customer the other day who was paying with a check.

With checks, we need the customer's license number and phone number. But we're also supposed to check the person's ID because we wouldn't want someone to be using stolen checks, right?

So this guy hands me the check and I say, "Can I see your ID?"

He asks, "Do you need the license number?"

I start to say, "Yes, but I need to verify your ID too," but he interrupted after the "Yes" part and started to tell me his license number.

I waited until he finished and said, "I still need to see your ID though."

He was SO annoyed. He literally sighed and rolled his eyes.

Like, I'm sorry. First of all, you're a grown man. Don't sigh and roll your eyes at me like a child.

Secondly, you wouldn't have had to go to the trouble of telling me your license number if you had just let me finish my sentence.

And most importantly, you're WRITING A CHECK, so you don't get to be annoyed with me.

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