Super C-A-S-H: It's not cash! Who knew?

As we've already discussed, Super C-A-S-H tends to confuse customers.

There's an older man who I've seen in the store once before. (Just for reading purposes, he has a really thick accent. It might be Russian or something.) The first time I saw him, he came up to me with a pair of cargo pants.

"Are these on sale?"

I scan them. "No, I'm sorry, they're full price."

"Oh! Every other thing is on sale, and this is the only thing that is not!"

Okay, no. It was during the fall haul sale, when a lot of stuff was 75% off, but every other thing was not on sale. I answer, "Oh, that stinks, I'm sorry. They're pretty new though, so they could go on sale in the future."

He nods. "Yes, I'm sorry, but I can wait one more year for these."

Which didn't make any sense because they'll obviously go on sale before then and we won't have them in a year. But I was just like, "Oh, okay!"

So anyway, he comes in again Tuesday night. He was in the store looking around, and then he left, and then he came back in and came straight up to me.

Side note: There is a sign on a T-stand that we pull out in front of the store every morning. It has information and teasers about sales and stuff. There's a Super C-A-S-H one out right now, and it says something along the lines of "For every $20 you spend, get $10 in Super C-A-S-H!" I don't know the exact wording, but I checked and it definitely doesn't say "cash" anywhere; it only says, "Super C-A-S-H."

So this guy comes up to me and says, "I am trying to figure out the sign, with the cash."

I think he's just trying to understand how the coupon works. So I, all nice and cheery, get one of the coupons to show him and say, "So the way this works is if you spend $20 today—"

He cuts me off: "So it is a COUPON!"

Rude. "Oh. Yeah, it's a coupon."

"It is not cash!" And he's like, raising his voice. I wouldn't call it yelling yet, but he's definitely speaking much more loudly than A) he needs to and B) he usually does.

So anyway, I'm like, "Right, it's a coupon. It's called 'Super Cash.'"

"It's NOT CASH! Cash is like I give you cash and you give me the item!"

Since he's started yelling, I'm starting to get a little defensive. I say, "No. It's 'Super Cash.' That's what it says on the sign. That's what it says on the coupon. Nobody said it was cash."

"It's a TRICK! They're trying to trick me!"

"No, sir. It's a coupon called Super Cash. The sign doesn't say cash on it. It says Super Cash."

He chuckles and shakes his head. "It's a trick. It's not your fault. But it is a trick."

Okay, sure. Don't yell at me, bro. I don't care if you're old or not.

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