Put your phone down for, like, two seconds

You know what's even worse than talking on the phone at the register or answering your phone at the register?

MAKING a phone call when you're at the register.

So seriously, you're in the middle of checking out, we're having a nice conversation, and then you feel the need to call someone. But you don't do what a rational person would do and wait until you're on your way out. No, no. You need to call them right now.

I had actually heard about this from coworkers before, but I had never had it happen to me until one day last week. And it was just the most rude thing ever! Like, sorry I'm boring you?

Are you just that impatient that you can't wait less than a minute for the transaction to be over? Just calm down, finish your conversation with me, wait until you have your bag in your hand, and then you can make a phone call.


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