Oh, email receipts? That's new!

I am so over this reaction to the email receipt question:
Me: Would you like your receipt emailed to you or on paper?

Customer: You email receipts now? That's new!
It was fine for people to have this reaction in like, August, because we started this in July. But you know what? No. It's not new anymore.

This is definitely one of those things where you can't really blame the customer, because it's highly possible that they just haven't been in a Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Sears or K-Mart (Those are all of the places I've heard of that do this so far) in the past four months.

But OH MY GOODNESS it's the most annoying thing ever!

It's really just one of those repetition things I hate, where it wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that it happens pretty much every other transaction.

You're not cute and you're not original.

And we're at the point where I don't answer, "Yeah!" anymore. I answer, "Sort of, we've been doing it since July."

And then they always feel the need to say, "Well, I don't shop here that often."

GOOD FOR YOU! That doesn't mean it's new! That just means it's new to you! So say that. Say, "Oh wow, I've never heard of that before!" And then I'll be nice and say something like, "Yeah, it's great because you can't lose it this way!"

And we can be all pleasant and giggle and stuff.

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