No, I will not touch the rubber duck your child slobbered all over.

Parents, don't give your children toys if you don't plan on buying them.

A woman today had a baby in a stroller. A baby. Like, teething-age. The baby had somehow obtained a Christmas-themed rubber duck that we are selling and was chewing on it.

So let's talk about how this happened, yeah? Because I'm pretty sure the only way for this to happen is if the mother gave it to her. The baby was very small and was not in a position in the stroller to be able to reach for things.

As I was ringing the mom's clothes up, in a baby-friendly voice, I asked, "What do you have there?" I did this so the mom would notice and pay for it.

The mom said, "Oh we're not going to buy that, I'm going to have to give it back to you at the last minute."

Parents do this pretty often, especially with our soccer balls and stuff. They'll wait until they're about to leave, act like they're paying for it, and then I really just keep it. This is so the child doesn't cry and whine about it for the whole transaction. I genuinely appreciate this.

But this is not acceptable when the child is CHEWING and SLOBBERING on the toy. That's disgusting.

I was like, "Oh, she's chewing on it..."

And the mom was just like, "Yeah, sorry."

Uh, YEAH. You should be sorry and you shouldn't have given it to the child in the first place.

I guess she saw the look on my face because she finally got it from the child, but then she TRIED TO HAND IT TO ME.

I did not hide my disdain at this point. I probably looked a little surprised. And that's because I was.

You don't HAND me something that has your child's slobber all over it without wiping it off. And you should buy it anyway because it is so ridiculously unsanitary for someone else to buy that now. And like, sorry if it's too expensive to buy every single thing your baby decides to chew on, but that's not my fault. It's your fault for giving it to her. OBVIOUSLY a baby is going to put toys in her mouth. That's what they do!

So anyway, back to where she was trying to hand me the slobbered-on, chewed-up rubber duck. I say, "You can just set that on the counter."

And then I had my manager clean it off because that is outside my pay grade.

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