Nah, I'm too cool for quarters

Yesterday, a certain former Spartan basketball player came into Old Navy. (I don't think Old Navy's social media policy allows me to say who...sorry!)

He paid for his transaction with a $100 bill and I was giving him his change, which was $75.75. As I reach for the quarters, he says, "You can keep the quarters, I'm not worried about them."

Oh! Sorry, I clearly didn't realize who I was dealing with here. Like, I get that you played basketball, but you're still a college student. So I really doubt that you're ballin' enough to be turning down change.

And honestly, I totally understand when people do this with pennies. That's not a big deal. But 75 cents? That's almost a dollar, bro!

But even if you don't need the change, why are you being so haphazard with it? If you're seriously making the conscious decision that you don't need the change from the things you buy, do something with it instead of leaving it for us. My manager suggested perhaps saving all your change and donating it to charity once a month. But of course, that would mean you would have to carry around your change, and that's obviously too much of a hassle.

And either way, can we all just agree that 75 cents is too much to not care about? You can buy things with 75 cents. Things like bouncy balls. And candy bars. And bus fare. Oh, just kidding, though, this obviously isn't a valid argument, because if you had to buy lowly things like bus fare, you would be more concerned about the 75 cents in the first place.

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