Lauren Bergh guest blogs: Please learn some classroom etiquette

I think everybody knows one of these people: that kid in your lecture that everybody hates, but nobody talks about. So this girl is in my Intro to Philosophy class, which has around 30-40 people. This size class means it's small enough that we pretty much know each other, even if we don't converse. I also sit in the same general vicinity as this girl, so it could be that not everyone experiences her the same way I do. Of course, my professor cringes when she raises her hand, so I'm betting they do.

Some people are annoying, and maybe some people (me) are a little extra sensitive to the annoying. But here's the thing: there is classroom etiquette.  Maybe it's a little lax in college, but there are general things to keep in mind. Follow instructions, be courteous, don't be annoying, etc. But there are always those people who are just obnoxious and the whole classroom knows it.

But here's why I hate her:
  1. She defies rules. My professor has clearly stated multiple times that we are not to have cell phones visible during class. Like I said, it's small, so it's not like you can hide it anyway. This is a reasonable request. I love my phone, but an hour and twenty minutes away from it won't kill me - or anybody. This girl has never shown any sign of hearing this request. As well as texting constantly (without even putting the phone on vibrate or silent), she loves to Facebook as well. I have seen her, on numerous occasions, take pictures of herself in class to post on people's wall. What?
  2. She's never on time...if she's there at all. There was a span of about three weeks where she didn't show up at all. Sometimes she shows up just when we are starting group activities, and slides into my group most often. And then she puts her name on the paper. I have a problem with this! You weren't here, you didn't contribute, why should I let you get credit? I don't want to let my prof think you were helpful...because you definitely weren't. You're just rude. A couple of times she has asked questions or made statements about things we covered in large detail from the class before..only she wasn't there, so she doesn't know that. She ends up wasting everybody's time, and just being annoying. Dude. Use office hours.
  3. She's just "that girl." The one with something to say about everything. And yes, it's a philosophy class, so it's fine to have an opinion, but she poses it as though she is absolutely correct.  She never makes any inflection in her voice to imply that she's voicing her OPINION. She has an attitude that says "I'm smart. And I'm right."
  4. She smells.

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