Kristine Burch guest blogs: It's not my fault your card was declined

I am a cashier at a local textbook store near MSU’s campus.

I cannot tell you how often people’s credit cards are declined. Each time, I tell the person, “Sorry, your card’s being declined,” and they look at me like I did something wrong.

I get it…textbooks are expensive. But when you are shopping for books, you should realize they are expensive and prepare for it!

So back to the transaction: The customer is still just looking at me and there are now about 20 other people in line to purchase their books because it’s the first day of class. I politely ask if the customer wants me to run the card again (I have to ask even though I know it’s not going to work).
Eventually, they’ll either give me some explanation as to why they think the credit card is not working or they’ll expect me to have an answer. Sorry, but the only explanation I can give you is that you need to call your bank.

So to make your textbook shopping go more smoothly, follow these three simple rules:
  1. Before you go shopping, check and see how much you can charge on your card
  2. Understand that textbooks are really expensive, especially if you are a grad student or chemistry major
  3. Understand that it’s not the cashier’s fault that your credit card does not work; it’s yours or your bank’s

Next time you go to buy textbooks, remember these three things and you and the cashier will both have a less stressful day!

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