Jessica Wheeler guest blogs: Stop blocking the road!

You know how when you're driving, two cars will end up side by side on a two lane road, and then you're stuck behind them? Why?!

I drive on a main road straight into town to work every morning. It ends up as a four lane road with plenty of traffic lights and a 45 mph speed limit, but coming from my house, it starts as a two lane road with no lights and a 55 mph speed limit, where, of course, most people drive at least 60 mph.

Well, the other day, I'm driving into town and two cars feel the need to create a moving barricade in front of me, at 50 mph. I'm sure everyone has had this happen.

So, three things.
  1. If you're not going to drive the speed limit, stay in the right hand lane. 
  2. If someone really is going just a tad slower and you want to pass them, PASS THEM ALREADY! 
  3. When you see me behind you for 5 minutes, have some common courtesy! I mean, it's bad enough that you're completely blocking the road, but you're doing it 5 mph below the speed limit, which is not acceptable.
So people, please just be aware of how you're affecting your neighbors on the road!

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