I want to accept the signature, so do I hit accept signature for that?

When you sign for something on the card reader at Old Navy, there are two options. At the top left, it says, "Clear signature." At the top right, it says, "Accept signature."

Which one do you think you would need to click after you sign?


The one that says accept.

Because the other one (Surprise, surprise!) is going to clear the signature that you have just written.

Like...this is seriously one of the things that I am most baffled about at Old Navy. How on EARTH could someone have trouble deciding whether to choose clear or accept?

And sometimes it's just a matter of them expecting the buttons to be switched and therefore accidentally hitting clear. That's fine because they will generally say something like, "Oops, I hit clear, do I just sign it again?"

And I say yes and it's all fine and dandy.

But people seriously have this problem. They will look at both of the buttons, read them both, and then ask me, "Do I hit 'accept signature?'"

HOW are you this stupid? Of course you hit "accept signature!" "Clear signature" is going to clear your signature!


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