I mean maybe if you stopped playing Christmas music

Christmas music starts playing pretty much immediately after Halloween.

That's just how it is and nothing you do will change it.

I could say, "Whining about it on Facebook won't change it," but let's be honest, right? I'm all about whining on Facebook!

So yeah, feel free to post statuses saying we need to give Thanksgiving its fair share of holiday time and demanding that we not play Christmas music until December.

But here's what's not acceptable. I wasn't there for this, but a coworker told me about a customer she had the other day who was returning some items. My coworker asked if the customer was planning on looking around at all.

The customer huffed something like, "Absolutely not. I probably would if you weren't playing Christmas music, but this is ridiculous."

Okay, first of all, this is the dumbest stance to take. Like, if you have shopping to do, just do it. What harm is a Christmas song going to do? And the amount of Christmas music we have right now is the lowest it will be until after Christmas, so you really just need to grin and bear it. And it's not like other stores aren't playing Christmas music. So going somewhere else isn't going to help you either.

But anyway, even if that didn't bother me to begin with, just keep it to yourself! Getting snippy with a cashier is not going to do anything for your hatred of Christmas music. We have absolutely zero control over the music we play. Just answer the question and leave.

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