Gift receipts: Get them.

Here's a hint to make the holiday season much better: If you're buying a gift, get a gift receipt.

During the holidays (which is basically anytime after we've had our all-store holiday meeting) I ask every customer if they need any gift receipts. The only time I don't ask is if they've explicitly said that what they're buying is for them.

Now, obviously, some people won't need a gift receipt. A lot of the time, they're buying something for their own children, so they won't need gift receipts, and I get that.

But people will often hesitate. "Um...no, it should be fine."

That is not the right attitude to have. Always assume that if you're buying someone clothes, they're going to want to take them back. Not only could the size be wrong, but people have different tastes, also. Just because you think this sweater is absolutely perfect doesn't mean they will.

And then when they go to return it, it makes things difficult.

So please, just do everyone a favor and follow this rule: If you're buying a gift that is returnable, include a gift receipt.

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