Can you just take this back even though it's from Target?

Old Navy is not a department store. We pretty much exclusively sell our own brand. (Some exceptions include the Gerber line in a few stores and stuff like that.)

So almost always, if the item of clothing you have in your hand is from Old Navy, it will say "Old Navy" on the inside tag, or just on the inside if it's a tagless style.


Don't try to return something from Target. Or Gap. Or anywhere that's not Old Navy.

The other day, a woman brought in three Old Navy shirts and a pair of shorts from Target to return. How did I know the shorts were from Target? They said "Xhilaration" on the inside. "Well, gee, Kristin, how did you know Xhilaration came from Target?" I don't know, because I'm alive, okay?

So, back to the story. She didn't have her receipt because it was a gift, so I was telling her the current prices of all the items because that's all she can get for them. "This one is $3.99...this one is $4.49...this one is also $3.99..." then I see the shorts and finish my sentence with, "and these are from Target," and smile.

"Oh! What? Really? They were all in the same box so I just assumed."

Okay, first of all, WHY did you assume that? Is there some rule that you have to buy all parts of a person's present from the same store? No. Has there ever been a rule like that? No.

Get it together.

What's WORSE than this, though, and probably happens to me about once a month, is when people intentionally try to return things from Gap. Like, are we supposed to have some trolley that runs from Old Navy to the closest Gap, which is in Eastwood? Sorry, but that's not a thing.

Also, do you realize how messed up our sales would be if we were returning things from another store? Like, I get that we're all Gap, Inc., but Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are three completely different brands with different items and different pricing.

I'm sorry that the store in Meridian Mall closed, but there's really nothing I can do for you.


  1. We just had a lady return a jacket that appeared to be from Old Navy. Upon closer examination (plus a keen eye from a former Target employee) we realized the person had cut an Old Navy label out of one item and sewed it on a Target jacket! How do people come up with these things?!