Can I get the Cyber Monday deals in the store?

So, today is Cyber Monday. It's the Monday after Black Friday, when websites have fabulous deals to encourage online shopping.

A woman came in to the store with her husband and picked out a pair of jeans. She brought them to the register and said, "All your jeans are 30% off online."

Okay, thanks for that information. I answered, "Oh, well it's Cyber Monday so there are a lot of online-only sales today."

She responded, "Well, I was thinking it would be like that in the store, too."

"Oh, no, it's just online because of Cyber Monday."

Okay. So first of all, the sale prices are pretty much never the same online and in the store. Even when we're both running the same sale, the prices are different.

Secondly, it's CYBER Monday. Emphasis on the Cyber part. Just like the Black Friday deals are only in-store, Cyber Monday deals are only online. Duh.

So then, when I came home and began writing this post, I came to the realization that there is absolutely no way that the website isn't displaying something about the fact that it's Cyber Monday. Sure enough, I went to the homepage and saw this:
Like, for real. It says "online only" at the very top AND it says the word "cyber" in really really large print. This is definitely, absolutely an online-only sale.


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