The 19th is between the 1st and 4th, right?

On Saturday, I had a customer who asked about our military discount.

She said, "So is your military discount going on now or not? It is, right?"

"Oh, sorry, it's not right now, it's every Monday, though."

She rolled her eyes. "I swear, every Old Navy is different."

"No, it's company-wide, but it used to be the 1st-4th of every month, so that might be what you're thinking about."

"Oh, yeah, yeah, that's what I was thinking of."

Okay. So it was a fine interaction. I reiterated that it was every Monday so she could keep that in mind in the future. ("It's Military Mondays, so it's easy to remember!")

So yeah. No problem, it was fine, but then as she walked away, I realized: She had totally thought the discount was that day. It was November 19th, which is not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd OR 4th. So...that didn't make any sense.

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