Yuko Szalay guest blogs: It's HALLOWEEN, my daughter can dress as skimpily as she wants.

It's Halloween time!

It is time to start getting the costumes for the little ones, going trick-or-treating (or trunk-or-treat), and attending other various local Halloween events. 

Today, my mother and I took my son to the Louisville Zoo for their Halloween event. They are open in the evenings a few weekends leading up to Halloween and kids can come walk through the zoo, collecting candy from booths set up along the route. It is something my sister and I enjoyed when we were younger, and that Sage enjoys now too.

I encountered three upsetting things tonight that really rattled my nerves.

1. I'll start with the topic of the post title; skimpily dressed tweens on Halloween. Yes, guys, I understand that you'd love to see your woman in a hot nurse's outfit this year. And girls, I'm sure you love all the guys drooling over you when you go out to Halloween parties dressed as a sex kitten or slave Leia (for those geek girls). But take a moment, stop thinking about how awesome YOU (or your significant other) would look in any of those outfits, and think about whether you want your DAUGHTER in something that shows that much skin. 

I saw several girls tonight wearing this little (or less) fabric on their costumes.

It never ceases to shock me when I see a young girl wearing a skirt that barely covers her butt and/or a top that hardly covers her chest. What part of a parent's brain says that it's okay for their child to go out like this? I get it, she's a fairy. Tinkerbell wore a pretty short skirt in Peter Pan! But Tinker Bell is a cartoon character. Your daughter is your own flesh and blood and she does not need to flaunt herself about a children's event (or anywhere) like she's trying to be sexy. There are so many other options! At least put some leggings on her, or buy the costume in a more appropriate size so that the skirt covers a little more.

2. More on costumes. I also saw numerous young girls and boys without costumes. This is a "Trick-or-Treat" event. The whole idea of trick-or-treating is to dress up and get candy. If you don't dress up, you shouldn't get candy. I don't care if all you do is wear a black sweater and paint cat whiskers on your face, at least pretend that you're into the event for what it is and not just using it as an excuse to get more candy. 

3. Finally: the age limit. The zoo event is limited to children 11 and under. All the reasoning behind the age limit is not known to me, but it makes sense that this is for the younger children. By the time you are eleven, you are in middle school and do not need to be trick-or-treating anymore. I know that I was done by that age, anyway.
SO many of the children tonight were definitely over the age of 11. There were some girls in a group that I am almost certain were already freshmen in high school. This is not acceptable. This is also a fault on the zoo's part for allowing these 'kids' in, but I understand that the kid may have come with a parent and younger siblings or that the zoo just did not want to cause a scene. I still find this to be silly, though, because if the parent/sibling situation was the case, then the older kid shouldn't be taking candy. And they were.
As far as I know, the candies for this event are donated to the zoo from various groups so that the young children can have a safe place to have fun for Halloween. I find it very rude that older kids would take away from that and that parents allow them to do so. So please, if your kids are older, control them.

Despite these three things, going to the zoo for Halloween is still a really fun thing to do if you've got little ones. I encourage everyone with kids to go and just try to ignore all the hoodlums.

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