Yeah, yeah, here's your money.

Two children tried to buy a coat from me yesterday. One was about thirteen and one was about eleven. So they were kids, but they were old enough to be able to, like, count.

It was the younger kid's money, but the older kid was handling it. The total was $42.34.

So the older kid counts the money for a good 30 seconds and hands it to me. It's a twenty, two fives and three ones.

"Oh, this is only $33."

They stare at me.

"The total is FORTY-two-thirty-four." (Emphasis on the forty, obviously.)

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry. How much was that?"

"This is $33."

He hands me two more dollars.

"...This is $35."

They stare at me again.

"The total is FORTY-TWO THIRTY-FOUR." (Emphasis everywhere because they clearly weren't getting it.)

So then the older one looks back at the money in his hand and realizes there are only about three more dollar bills. "Aw man, you don't have enough for it."

I hand them back the money. The older kid looks at the younger kid and says, "Would you be mad if I bought it?"

And then they walk out the door.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I don't think they really didn't understand, because it wasn't hard to understand. Were they trying to sneak it past me? Like they didn't think I would count the money? I am just so confused.

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