A word about email receipts

I've told you about the fact that we email receipts at Old Navy now.

I'm starting to get really annoyed with people's stupid reactions when I ask them, "Would you like your receipt emailed to you or on paper?"

Reactions I'm not okay with that are extremely common:
  • "Oh no, just print it out." This is a similar situation to when I ask, "Receipt with you or in the bag?" and the customer answers, "Yes," without listening to the whole question. There were two options there and you only heard the first one because you aren't listening.
  • "In the bag." Guess what! That wasn't one of the two options. Again, you're NOT LISTENING to the question I'm asking you; you're just on autopilot, talking to me as if I'm a robot programmed to say the exact same thing all the other cashiers at all the other stores say.
  • "I'll take it." This is the same as the one above, but it annoys me even more because you will have your receipt either way. "I'll take it" just implies that you want to have it in your possession, and when you're sitting there playing with your smart phone, you might even have your receipt via email before I would be able to hand it to you on paper.
  • "Oh, that's cool, but I need it printed because I might need to return something." OMG, you are so stupid. Do you really think we would start emailing you receipts if it meant you couldn't return the things you bought? That would be pretty dumb, right? When this happens, I'll print it and say, "Just so you know for the future, if you have your receipt emailed to you, we can just look up your transaction with your card to do a return or you can show us your receipt if you have your email on your phone." Like, I promise, you have a lot of options. (And for all the nitpickers out there, when people pay with cash and have their receipts emailed, it prints a baby receipt with just the store information and the barcode for us to scan.)
Then some people are just absolutely ridiculous. A reaction that is less common but has happened more than once:
  • "Wow, what is this society coming to?" Right, what is this society coming to that we do things in a more convenient and environmentally-friendly way?
And then there is just plain rude. A younger guy today literally scoffed when I asked if he wanted his receipt emailed to him or on paper, then responded, "Uh, paper." Then muttered something about "stupid email" under his breath. I joked, "Hey, we're just trying to save the environment here!"

He literally answered, with a completely straight face, "And I'll ruin the environment, one receipt at a time."

Rude alert.

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