Who uses checks anymore anyway?

People who write checks make me so angry.

I can't believe I've never blogged about this, because it's seriously one of the worst things about being on register.

Here is why checks are obnoxious:
  • Waiting for you to fill them out
  • Scanning/typing in your license number
  • Typing in your phone number
  • Running the check through the machine--TWICE!
  • Getting you to sign the signature slip
  • Stapling the check to the receipt
And if it was one of the only options, like it used to be, that would be different. But there are these magical things these days called debit cards, and they're for using money from your checking acccount. And they're a MUCH BETTER option.

Here are valid reasons to use checks:
  • Paying bills 
  • Paying rent 
  • Mailing them as gifts
The only valid reason to use a check at a retail store is if your debit card got stolen or something. About 99% of the time, when a young person writes a check, they're super flustered and apologize like five times. "I'm so sorry, I never write checks, this is so weird. My card got stolen and it takes like two weeks for them to give me a new one."

I'm not mad. Thank you for apologizing.

But people who just unabashedly use checks in their everyday life? I hate you.

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  1. What's worse than being the cashier (I deal with that side, too), is being the person behind the customer writing the check. I can't even tell you how many times I've been stuck behind the person using a check and they take their sweet time filling everything out. And it's always at the place with one register open. Kills me!