Um, don't you mean Berkeley?

I was on the bus today and these two girls were talking about how one of them was on a bus yesterday that got into a wreck.

The girl who was on the bus during the accident said, "And it was in front of Berkey and I was trying to get to Case, so it's not like I was just gonna get off and walk!"

Berkey Hall is a building on campus. I'm pretty sure most MSU students know this.

The other girl says, "You mean Berkeley? You said Berkey."

Um, no. She meant Berkey because that's what it's called. I get that Berkeley is a more well-known proper noun, but it's not the name of the building on our campus.

Anyway, I guess the first girl wasn't very confident in herself because she just answered, "Yeah, yeah, Berkeley. Same difference."

No, it's not the same and you were right the first time!

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