U-Scan problems

So I'm waiting in line for the U-Scan at Kroger today and it's taking a while. I always hate the awkward decision of which line you should wait in, because it seems like you always choose the wrong one, right? I thought about getting into a normal line, but they all had one or two people too, and at least at the U-Scan there are four places that might open up, right?

Anyway, at first I'm the third person in line and the way the line is going, I would be blocking the aisle if I was right behind the second person in line, so I'm back a little bit. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU DO.

Okay, so I'm finally first in line and I'm standing between the two closest registers, maybe one step back. Like, if I stepped up any, I would be directly between the two people. Reasons I would not want to be right in between the two people:
  1. It's awkward to have to keep looking all the way to the left and all the way to the right to see who's going to be done first.
  2. People walking into the store tend to use the U-Scan area as their gateway to the rest of the store. Me standing right in between the two people would block this area almost completely.
So anyway, I'm standing where I should be standing. Apparently the people behind me don't know how to form a line, because they're all huddled up behind me awkwardly. Like, people. All you have to do is swing around to one side or the other and leave room for people to get through! It is very simple!

This woman comes up beside me and says, "Excuse me. Would you mind stepping forward so we don't have to be in the way back here?"

Okay first of all, don't speak to me. Who are you? I mean, honestly. Secondly, me stepping forward isn't going to eliminate the problem unless I step all the way to the front of the U-Scan (which would obviously be ridiculous) because there are several people behind me in line at this point.

Without breaking eye contact, I step a baby step forward. She looks down at my feet, looks back up, and says, "Thanks."

Yeah, you're welcome.

So if that's not obnoxious enough, someone has finally finished their transaction, so I'm about to go to the register, but she's taking absolutely forever to get her stuff together. But like, that's fine, whatever, I'll just wait. There's not really enough room at a U-Scan for two people, so I'm polite and wait until the person is actually walking away to approach the register. Also, this lady has a cart blocking the whole left part (where I would put my stuff) so I really can't do anything yet.

The man behind me is like, "It's all you!" as if I don't know that it's my turn.


First of all, I'm not stupid. I can see that she's done. I have my body turned in the direction of the register. I'm clearly about to walk over. I'm just giving her the space to move her stuff and take her cart.

Secondly, like, YEAH, it's all me, I'm next in line! Do you think you're doing me a favor by telling me it's my turn? Uh, no! Because if you had tried to take my turn, I would have spoken up for myself.

I mean honestly, I use U-Scans when I don't want to talk to people anyway, so please stop talking to me when it's not necessary.

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