Trouble with the bathroom bulletin board

I live in a dorm right now with a mix of people from freshmen all the way up to seniors.

They are somehow so immature that we have lost our bathroom bulletin board privileges.

Let me explain. There's a little bulletin board in our bathroom and the RA always has it decorated. She does participatory themes, though, so we're supposed to interact.

When we first moved in, she had a big map of the world and then a map of Michigan next to it and she had pushpins with our names on them for us to mark where we're from. It was cute and everyone did fine with it.

Okay. So then we were making a floor shirt, which I will not be buying, and so on the bulletin board she put up all the different designs people had submitted and we were supposed to vote. I didn't vote because I didn't care, obviously. Some people apparently had a really hard time voting, because we all received an email from the RA saying we were going to have to use a more official voting system as more than 100 votes had been cast and we obviously have way less than 100 people on the floor.

So like, really, girls? You can't handle voting once for a design? It's a pretty simple concept.

Anyway, the next thing she put up was a piece of paper divided into two sections. The left asked, "What's the best thing about being a girl?" and the right asked, "What's the worst thing about being a girl?" This one was pretty corny, yes, but whatever. People had fun with it. On the left side, people wrote things like, "wearing dresses" and "cute boyfriends." On the right side, people wrote things like, "periods" and "bad body image."

I didn't see it, but I guess somebody wrote something so inappropriate that the RA felt the need to take the whole thing down. Now there's just a white piece of paper on it that says this:
A few notes about the bathroom bulletin board:

1.) Be respectful.
2.) If something you've written has been crossed out or covered up, it was done by me because it was inappropriate.

If you have any questions about this, please talk to me. Otherwise, the biggest thing is just to be respectful. You know what that means.

Two questions. First of all, what in the world did someone write to prompt this? And secondly, why are the girls in this hall having so much trouble with a little bulletin board?

Get it together, ladies.

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