That is a child! Oh, wait...

There are actually a lot of problems here, and they're not all visible in the picture. Let's start with the obvious:
  • Leggings aren't pants
  • Tank tops shouldn't be made of just lace
  • UGG boots are ugly
Okay, moving on to more important matters. This was in the food court at the mall yesterday. I was standing behind these two people for a few minutes and I had gotten a pretty good look at his face but not hers. (She also had pigtails.)

I was one hundred percent sure that this was a father and daughter. Like, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Until they started awkwardly putting their arms around each other. But I was still pretty convinced; I just thought they were one of those father-daughter duos who are a little more affectionate than most.

Until they started kissing. Which, first of all, stop it. There is no need for PDA of this type in the food court. Just stop it.

So once I figured out they were a couple, I wanted desperately to see her face and try to figure out how old she was. He was definitely in his forties, so how could this woman who I thought was maybe 15 possibly be his age?

Oh, don't worry, she wasn't. Once I got a look at her face, I realized she was maybe two or three years older than me. And I know that once you're a consenting adult you're allowed to date someone many, many years older than you. But a difference of about twenty years is a little much.

But I'm not even that worried about that. You can date whoever you want. I just think you might want to dress a little older than your age if you're with someone who's possibly double your age. She is doing the exact opposite and dressing like a teenager, which has the effect of him looking a bit like a pedophile. So try to dress your age or older, darling. Unless, you know...that's what he's into.

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