So I can use this now, right?

We're giving out Super C-A-S-H again at Old Navy. For every $20 you spend, you get $10 in Super C-A-S-H, and you can redeem it from November 17-22.

So, when I give someone a Super C-A-S-H coupon, I say, "I'm also giving you this coupon for $10 off of a $20 purchase and it's good November 17-22."

Every single time.

Tell me why so many people just choose not to hear the last part.

Like, I said it. I said the dates. Don't hand it to your friend who's about to check out and say, "Oh look, you can use this on yours."

No. Is it November 17 yet? No? Then no. You can't use it yet.

This wasn't the only example of this at all today, but I had a guy who spent about $60. He was being really rude and not listening to me very well anyway, which is probably why he didn't hear me, but I explained the whole thing to him. I said, "You're getting a $30 coupon good for a $60 purchase from November 17-22, and if you don't spend $60, you can get $20 off $40 or $10 off $20."

Very thorough.

"Cool, thanks."

He obviously didn't hear a word I said.

So then he goes back into the store because his wife is around somewhere. She checks out and has his coupon in her hand. She's looking at it pretty hard. (Note that I said looking at it, not reading it. It would be pretty presumptuous to assume she was actually reading.) I tell her the total and she holds the coupon out toward me.


"That's good the 17th through the 22nd."

A look of shock appears on her face. "Oh. Really?"

YEAH. REALLY. It really says it right at the top of the coupon, and probably on the back too. And you know what? I told your stupid husband all about it, but he doesn't feel the need to listen to cashiers for some reason.

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