"So even if I become irate?"

I checked out a woman yesterday who was purchasing a good amount of clothes. Not a large amount, but a good amount. Her total was about $150.

She was there with her husband and two teenage kids, but the rest of the family was off to the side of the registers.

The woman says, "I have a coupon in my email, can you use that?"

I knew that there weren't any coupons out via email as of yesterday because I receive the same emails, but I said, "Yeah, if there's one that's valid in stores, we can definitely use it."

"Well, how would I know if it's valid in the stores?"

"It'll say something like 'shop online' or 'online only' if it can't be used in the store."

"Oh, okay. Here it is, 20% off your whole purchase." She tells me the code. "All it says is to enter the code at checkout."

"Okay, yeah, I think that's an online one; I remember getting that email." She holds the phone out to me and I scroll over a tiny bit and show her where it says, "Online only."

"You can't even try it?"

"Oh, I can definitely try it for you, but it probably won't go through because it's a coupon for online."

I type in the coupon code and press total. An error message pops up that says the code is not available in stores. "Yeah, it doesn't look like it's going to work." I even tilt the screen toward her so she can read it.

She stares at me.

"Is there any way you can give it to me?"

"Unfortunately no, it's just for online and we don't have any similar in-store coupons right now."

"So even if I become irate and demand you let me use the coupon, you're not going to give it to me?"

This is where her husband pipes up, "Which you're NOT going to do."

Uh, thanks.

First of all, threatening to become irate is pretty close to actually becoming irate. You weren't taking no for an answer and you were starting to cause a scene.

Secondly, the fact that her husband had to speak up makes me think she's embarrassed him by doing this before.

And finally, no. I'm not going to give it to you. I answered her, "Um, no, I couldn't make up a coupon for you."

She sighed and said, "Fine. Sorry about that, it's just always worth checking to be able to save more money."

Um, no. Saving 20% is not worth being a complete jerk.

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