A Sea of Blue is a pathetic website

My friend Cecil sent me this article yesterday. He was frustrated by the appalling grammar in the article. When I clicked the link, I expected to find one or a couple minor mistakes, which would have been annoying enough, but what I read was probably one of the biggest and most obvious mistakes I've ever seen in publication.

I'm including the first paragraph here in case they have the good sense to edit it later.
"Big Blue Madness has come and gone. Kentucky fans seen the new guys, and seen the returners.  It's effortless to move on to the idea that this team has all the pieces it takes to be successful.  There are seven high school All-Americans of one sort or another on the 2011-12 Wildcats, and everyone else is talented in their own right."
I'm sorry. You literally said they, "seen the new guys, and seen the returners." There are several grammatical mistakes in this article, but this one actually made my jaw drop.

I don't know anything about this website. I had never seen it before my friend showed me this article. I don't know how professional or credible they are, but I know that it's a big enough website that there are close to 1,000 people following its Twitter account, there were more than 20 comments on this article and there are multiple regular contributors to the site.

Cecil said:
"I realize that not everyone who publishes something on the Internet is a professional writer. I'm okay with that. If you're just publishing stuff on a personal blog, write what you want and misspell everything. No problem. It's your blog and if I don't like how you're running it, I can just stop reading it. However, if you're going to upload something to a news/information site you should really consider having an editor or proofreader in place."
I agree with this so much. You can't expect your news site or even your opinion site about current events (as this seems to be) to be taken seriously when your writers make such basic mistakes.

Also, according to the author's profile on the site, he is college-educated and is a small business owner. How does he not know to use "saw" instead of "seen"?

It's a problem.

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