Old Navy is really overpriced

There is a really awesome sale going on right now at Old Navy. It's called the "Fall Haul" sale and there's a lot of stuff up to 75% off.

I was checking a girl out who was buying a pair of jeans that were less than $10 and a few shirts. Her total was about $30.

Talking to her friend, she says, "You know, I really don't like shopping at Old Navy that much because they're actually pretty overpriced. No offense. I mean, I can go into Macy's sometimes and get a shirt on clearance for $5."

First of all, you're buying five things for $30. You're buying a pair of JEANS for $10. What about this is overpriced? And about the Macy's thing, you have to really try to find stuff that cheap there. We pretty much always have some type of shirt on sale for $5. Clearance is often way, way less than $5. And yes, I understand that our regular prices are sometimes a bit steep, but everything always ends up on sale at some point.

Anyway, her friend answers, "Yeah, I mean I like the store in Chicago, they have way better stuff; like, a bigger selection and better quality."

Are you kidding me? You have no idea what you're talking about. Like, yeah, obviously the Chicago store is going to have a bigger selection. It's huge! Duh! But the quality? No. Our clothes are made in the exact same factories and then shipped out to all the different stores

Anyway, he continues, "Yeah, I really just don't like this store at all. Like not Old Navy in general. Just this one."

Thanks a ton, buddy! If you hate it here, just leave.

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