Oh no, you can't have that

One day last week, there was a woman in Old Navy with two young daughters. They were both in between walking age and school age.

We have a lot of little toys up by the registers and we have one whole end panel of Hello Kitty merchandise. When the mom walked up to the registers, she exclaimed to the girls, "Ooh, look, it's Hello Kitty stuff! Look at all the toys!"

So they're looking at the toys, clearly pretty excited about them, and then the mom decides she's ready to get in line. I start ringing up her stuff and she says, "Come on girls, put those back and come over here with me."

The older girl holds up one of the toys. "Oh no, we're not buying them, they're much too expensive. We'll go to another store later and maybe you can get something there."

Are you kidding me? The girls weren't even looking at the toys until you specifically showed them the Hello Kitty stuff, and now you're not going to buy any of it for them? Why would you show it to them? That is just cruel!

Anyway, to make me hate her even more, she sneezed at some point during the transaction. I was about to say, "Bless you," it had been less than a second, and she seriously, truly said, "Oh! Bless me!"

I'm sorry. Is that a thing people say? Wouldn't you say, "Excuse me?"

"Bless me" is so presumptuous. And I was ABOUT TO SAY IT anyway.

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