NoTeZ pLz :)

MSU's version of Blackboard is called Angel. Through Angel (and I presume Blackboard has this too), you can send a message to your entire class.

This is a very unfortunate function.

I have a marketing class right now with more than 350 students.

I get an email AT LEAST once a week that's been sent by one of these 350 students to ALL the rest of the students in the class that says, "Sorry, I couldn't make it to class. Could someone send me the notes?"

Honestly. Do not send that out to everyone. If you think you're going to need to borrow notes at some point, make a friend in the class. Or just borrow the notes from someone around you in the next class session you attend.

Don't send an email to 350 people.

But it's whatever. It's not a big deal. You know what is a big deal, though? Sending THIS email to 350 people.

  1. Clas (in the subject line)
  2. Afternoon (capitalized)
  3. Thrusday
  4. plz
  5. plz (again)
  6. =)
  7. ~ (You really couldn't be bothered to erase this mistake and type an exclamation point?)
I have so much anger toward this girl.

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