Mash pot...I mean mash pit.

I hate it when people say things wrong, then correct themselves, but it's still wrong.

Example: At Old Navy last week, a girl was talking about how excited she was for the Lions game that was this past Monday. She had gotten tickets from her boss.

The girl she was talking to told her she needed to buy a Lions shirt so she wouldn't stand out. "You're not going to wear a Bears shirt, are you?"

"No, that would be dumb because apparently it's pretty much a mash pot there...you know, like at concerts."

Her friend said, "What?"

"Oh, oh, oh, I mean mash pit."

"Oh, right."

I'm sorry, but no. The term is mosh pit.

Also, is it really "pretty much a [mosh pit]" there? Because that would be a pretty weird/uncomfortable football game, in my opinion.

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