I thought those were $10...

At work today, a girl brought up three items. Two of them were really cheap clearance items and one was a pea coat. The pea coat was $10 off, so it was in the $50 range, making her total a little more than $60.

I tell her the total and she says, "Wait...it should be way less than that."

I told her the price of each item.

"Oh...the coat's supposed to be $10."


First of all, the "$10 off" signs are not misleading. The "off" is clearly visible from really far away; it's not like it's in tiny letters. There's no reason for you to miss it.

Secondly, wouldn't you be sort of surprised if you saw that a sign next to a nice winter coat indicated that it was going to cost TEN DOLLARS? Especially at this time of year? It should definitely be enough for you to do a double take. And in that second take, you should DEFINITELY notice that the sign says "$10 off," not "$10."

Like, I get that Old Navy has crazy deals sometimes, but a pea coat would never be $10 this early in the season. Ever.

And if it was, it would be gone instantly. You wouldn't be able to waltz in at 3 p.m. and still find your size.

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