I like a lot of teams, okay?

I hate it when people wear clothing from two different sports teams at once. It stresses me out.

When getting dressed, I believe you should pick a theme and stick with it. This is probably not normal, but when I create an outfit, I'm usually going for something. (Fun, sophisticated, etc.) When I wear a SPORTS-related tee-shirt, I'm usually going for, "I support this team." So what are you going for here? "I support all the teams?" You're sending mixed signals.

The problem here is that these items of team merchandise are so embedded into your wardrobe that you probably don't even notice you're supporting two different teams at once. It's just a hat and a shirt to you, which saddens me quite a bit.

Another main reason I hate this is that almost every time I see it, the colors don't match. It'll be a baby blue Lions jacket and a green Michigan State shirt, or a Cincinnati Reds hat with a University of Kentucky shirt. If it was colors that really looked pleasant together, I probably wouldn't mind it as much.

Just saying, one team at a time. (PS, like my backpack?)

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