Here you go, here's fifteen one dollar bills!

One of my biggest pet peeves at Old Navy is when people put things down on the counter instead of handing them to me.

I've talked before about the money issue.

I'm starting to be equally annoyed by people who do this with clothing.

Sometimes people have transactions with several items, and when this is the case, laying everything on the counter makes sense. If you walk up and I'm in the middle of a transaction, so you put the item down on the counter, that makes sense as well. But when you have one item and I'm holding my hand out to take it from you as you walk up to the register, don't put it down on the counter. Do you realize how pathetic this makes me feel?

I was literally reaching to take the item of clothing from you and you avoided putting it in my hand in order to put it on the counter.

I just don't see where people are coming from with this.

Back to the money thing, someone yesterday had a total of $19.05. She had a five dollar bill and a ton of one dollar bills. She counts the dollar bills out one by one, extracting them from their folded stacks throughout her purse, wallet and pockets, and makes possibly the most disorganized pile of bills I've ever seen on the counter.

Seriously, they were everywhere. Half of them were still folded, some of them had made their way over to the other side of her purse and they were scattered in a way that I would definitely have to pick them up one by one.  It was so ridiculous that I legitimately expected her to gather them together for me. That was obviously silly of me, though.

So after her pile is complete, she hands me a nickel. I look at the pile for a second, wondering if she's going to start picking the bills up, but then she asks, "That was right, right? Nineteen-oh-five?"


So I start picking the bills up one by one. Her face is completely blank; she really doesn't realize what she's done wrong.

And of course, when I finally get all the bills into my hand and count them, I count $20.05, so then I have to recount them to figure out that yes, she counted wrong and made me pick up an extra bill. And you'd better believe I put that extra dollar back down on the counter instead of handing it to her.

Just try to remember that cashiers are people too.

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